Printing Assistance

In its own offices, Tono Continuo srl, has some of the most innovative machinery for three-dimensional and straight surface digital airbrushing decorations. It guarantees service including printing and varnishing of lots of various sizes.


Services offered:

  • designing of the line of decorations for lots and small
  • arrangement of the dedicated line at our offices 
  • printing and transparent finishing of the products (upon request)

Thanks to the many years of technical experience, Tono Continuo srl, offers a complete service of product development.
Decorating successfully many kinds of support and for many industrial applications, requires an in-depth study of various factors. We offer a complete customer service, going from the analysis of the surface to decorate to the realization of the sample ready for the final industrialization.


In detail:

  • Analysis of the surface to decorate;
  • Study for the adaption of the image on the chosen support;
  • Analysis of the chemical seal of colors and varnishes on the surface, also in relation to the future application of the product; 
  • Print test on the material
  • Series sampling.